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Class 1

We offer 2 different classes, class 1 you will build either a 1 piece longbow or a 3piece T/D longbow from a blank that has been glued up before you arrive. You will sand, tiller, add string groves, file and shape to your liking finish and shoot.

This will be a 3-Day Class.

Note: price of this class varies with wood choice options and 1 or 3-piece bow

Class 2

Day 1- Glue up limbs and riser
Day 2- Remove from form grind off excess glue, lay out limbs, tips, string groves start to shape add tip overlays
Day 3- Continue to file, sand, grind to shape
Day 4- Finish sanding shaping put on finish
Day 5- Add string nock point, silencers and Stump/target shoot

Note: Prices of this class vary with wood choice options and 1 or 3-piece bow.

These classes will be offered at Harvester Bows 3461 Zinck Rd Boscobel WI.

Your Options
Option 1- Get a motel in town at your cost
Option 2- Stay at my home- included
Breakfast- coffee, juice, cereal, toast, milk.eggs, fruit
Lunch- luncheon meats/bread/chips/fruit/milk/coffee
Dinner-milk/coffee/main meal/desert/salad
bed –shower-TV-laundry if needed and Quality Time
with me

Cost would be $60.00 a day plus the material cost of your bow choice
Note: Soda or adult beverages @ your own cost and NO Alcoholic beverages allowed in shop while working.

Things you would need to bring along –Respirator (dust mask) work clothes (they may get glue on them fiberglass dust for sure) thin pair work gloves personal wear, beverages etc.Limit 2 persons per class.