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    After urging from family and friends I started Harvester Bows. Since that time we have been a small quiet operation that made small amounts of products. After retirement my son his family and my wife gave me the web site for Christmas and told me it was time to get serious about this, so here is a short bio of the Co. (ME).

    I have been interested in both Archery and Art from an early age. After receiving a recurve bow for a gift at age 5, I began a love of shooting a traditional bow that has never stopped, as I got older I started drawing pictures of myself with all the imaginary animals I would shoot as I got older. This started the connection with art and traditional archery that still continues today.    As with most traditional archers you can never have enough bows and finally you want to make one yourself. (No one can make just one) I was fortunate to have a good friend who is probably the best bowyer you never heard of to help and coach me on how to get started. Now I would like to share with other traditional archers.

   The bird carving evolved as a continuation of the Art I have always enjoyed. But you can only have so many things in one house so I would like sharing that also.   The pedestals started because we wanted to display game that was harvested by our family and could not find what we wanted commercially available. After friends saw our products they wanted us to sell to them and others.

   In addition to all of these things that I do, I am currently and official scorer for both "Pope & Young Club" as well as "Compton's Traditional Archives."