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   The bow and arrow are a projectile weapon that predates recorded history and is common to most Cultures. The two are considerably different now than they were in the beginning. Yet there is something special about a bow that is hand made rather than one that is assembled from mass-produced parts like most you will find in a sporting goods store. Harvester Bows are hand made by one man, Jim Frank. An experienced archer himself, Jim knows the importance of quality wood and precision craftsmanship when it comes to using a bow and arrow.

   On this site you will find a variety of different styles and types of Harvester Bows to choose from. So take the time to view all of the pages on the site and then feel free to contact Jim Frank personally to have him help you find the perfect Harvester Bow for you.You will also enjoy the other artistic works of Jim Frank on this site such as Jim’s carvings and pedestals and after your tour you too may even want to attend one of Jim’s
Regular classes in bow making or bird carving.